Yoga at St. Marks | Classes and Registration

Classes and Registration Beginners are encouraged to start with a "Simple & Deep" or "Level 1" class


Simple & Deep: Good Alignment is Good Therapy*

A gently paced class of standing, seated & supine postures that explores therapeutic principles of alignment to bring balance, focus, increased strength and resiliency into the body, mind & heart. Good for beginners, those with special considerations, and more mature students who are seeking a deeper understanding through simplicity in practice.


Simple & Deep: for the Spine*

This class is designed to help liberate movement along the spine. We’ll focus on the essential breath and how to marry its pulsation with simple movements & postures that will reveal a deeper level of awareness within. This class includes standing, seated & supine movements & postures that will help create length and healthy curvature along the spine in order to release chronic pain and misalignment. Suitable for all level of students & for those with special considerations.


Awakening & Empowering (Level I)*

Introduces beginning and continuing students to our alignment-based, heart-centered hatha yoga in a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere. Emphasis is on creating a strong foundation for the practice by building strength and flexibility through standing poses, beginning backbends and seated poses.


Expanding Your Practice (Level I-II)*

Builds on and refines standing poses from Level 1, introduces deeper backbends, seated hip openers and beginning inversions. Suitable for students who have studied other styles of yoga but not suitable for those who are absolute beginners.


Deeply Aligned: Refining & Deepening**

For continuing students who have an understanding of bio-mechanical principles of alignment and yoga philosophy. This class focuses on refining alignment of all the basic postures and playfully explores deeper backbends, inversions and arm balances (not suitable for beginners).


Shakti Saturdays (All Levels)*

A rejuvenating class that offers a variety of postures with modifications for the less experienced and more challenge for those who are ready.


Rise & Shine (All Levels)**

A rejuvenating class that offers a variety of postures with modifications for the less experienced and more challenge for those who are ready (not suitable for beginners).


*Suitable for beginners

**Not suitable for beginners


In Person

Register in person at St. Marks, 15 St. Mark’s Place, Old St. Vital, Winnipeg, MB.

Payment by Cash, Cheque or Credit Card.

We have a no refund policy.

Please come at least 15 minutes prior to class to register.

By Mail

Download and print the registration form.

Enclose a cheque (payable to Lynn Lakusiak), with your registration form and mail to:

Yoga at St. Mark’s, 88 Kingston Row, Winnipeg MB, R2M 0S9